Sanitiser Dispenser

Touch Australia creates a great protection shield against Bacteria, Microbes and Viruses with its disinfectant products and sanitiser dispenser options. Touch Australia products, which have always responded to the intense demands for such products recently, are of very high quality.

We can provide complete protection with the disinfectant that we will use in places where we cannot find the chance to wash our hands, especially in public areas. With the disinfectant added to the Touch Australia disinfectant dispenser, we can spray at a certain dosage and ensure that harmful factors such as viruses, bacteria or microbes are eliminated. We need it in every moment of our daily life.

It is preferred at every conceivable entrance such as workplaces, shopping malls, shops, site entrances, cinemas, parks, restaurants. In addition, shopping mall toilets are preferred in every crowded environment with common areas such as shared offices, workplaces, airports, hospital entrances, doctor examination rooms, hospital corridor, school entrance, classrooms, restaurant entrances, restaurant toilets.

Among the Touch Australia sanitiser dispenser options, there are products with manual or automatic sensors. In the system, there is a bottle in which you can put the disinfectant and an apparatus where you can mount the bottle.

Here's what you should look out for when buying a hand sanitiser | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

In manual systems, it is used by pumping over the bottle. It can be easily installed in small spaces. It is a key system against possible theft. The mounting apparatus is made of stainless steel, providing durability and longevity in weather conditions. Touch Australia is among the leading companies with its long years of experience in disinfectant, sanitiser dispenser and side apparatus, production style and understanding of customer satisfaction.

It easily meets the bulk or single product orders through its website. It is one of the brands we have preferred for many years due to the company recognition and reliability. We recommend you use it in your office or workplace that you use personally, especially in the health sector, except in public areas, and even in your own home. After making direct hand contact, it is very important for our own health not to spread the microbe we take on any surface. Before entering our house and washing our hands, you can take precautions by using a disinfectant at the entrance of the house to infect any surface during this time.

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